Thousands of devotees participate in Rath Yatra of Lord Shree Jagannath

JAMMU, July 9: Amidst rains, thousands of devotees drawn from all walks of life participated in the impressive Rath Yatra of Lord Shree Jagannath, which was taken out here today.
The Yatra, which started from Shiv Dham, Canal Road, was organized by ISKCON Temple Dream City Muthi.
Thousands of people drawn from different parts of Jammu participated in the Rath Yatra.
Under the direction of Navayogendra Maharaj, the devotees performed the Aarti ceremony for the pleasure of the Lord of the Universe.
With the blowing of conch shells and loud uproar of Hare Krishna Sankirtan their Lordships happily proceeded for the procession which included various kirtan parties. The people enroute served sweet water and fruits to devotees who participated in the Yatra.
The Yatra started from Shiv Dham Canal Road in the afternoon today and passed through Pacca Gharat, Gole Puli, Talab Tillo, Gole Gujral Camp Crossing, Poonch House and culminated at Kashmir Hills Resort, Patta Bohri, late in the evening.
The devotees’ enroute were chanting bhajans and singing songs in praise of Lord Jagannath.
The pulling of Rath (Cart) during the Rath Yatra procession by the devotees symbolized the attempt of the residents of Vrindavan to bring Krishna, Balarama and Subdhara back to Vrindavan from Kurukshetra. The devotees of ISKCON believe that pulling the rope of the Chariot also signifies trying to bring Krishna (the supreme Lord) back to their heart”
“This Jagannath Rath Yatra has been celebrated for thousands of years in the Holy abode of Shri Jagannath Puri, Odhisa. King Indradyumna had constructed the giant temple two thousand years back and AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabupada (prophesied senapati of Lord Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu) spread this legacy to the Western world and established International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in New York in 1966. His message to the world was Vasudeva kutumbakam, meaning: The whole world is one family of The Lord, so we are supposed to live in harmony by treating everyone as a part and parcel of that Supreme Lord”, informed ISKCON Temple Dream City, Muthi.

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