Optical Illusion: Mind Bending Horse: Which Horse Does The Head Belong To?


Optical Illusion: Mind Bending Horse: Which Horse Has the Head? Kind of a tricky puzzle. People were curious and interested to see optical illusion based puzzles because it involves brain activity. There are many optical illusion based puzzles scattered all over the internet. Which horse’s head is it? is one of them. If you are interested in optical illusion puzzles, then this article is for you. Scroll down the article to learn the explanation and solution to the optical illusion that the head belongs to which horse?

What is optical illusion?

Optical illusion, also known as visual illusion, is a type of illusion caused by the visual system within visual perception. They are characterized by visual perception, which is different from reality. In simple words, optical illusion is a type of illusion in which we are unable to clearly see the scene or image that we saw with our own eyes. We misinterpret the image or scene or are easily deceived.

Which horse’s head is it?

Optical illusion is something that we are easily deceived or misunderstood by seeing an image or scene through our eyes. Since it is a bit tricky, people like to explore more optical illusions. Optical illusion always makes people curious. The discovery of optical illusion not only makes people curious and interesting but also improves the efficiency of the brain and eyes in developing observational skills. People were searching for optical illusions on the Internet to feed their brains with more productive tasks. Such is the function of which horse’s head is it?

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Explanation of Horse Head Optical Illusion


Image Source: Instagram

Which horse has the head from the image above? The image above is a picture of two horses. Seeing the picture, people must be thinking that which horse has the head? Can you tell which horse’s head belongs to?

Horse Head Optical Illusion Solution

Have you found in the image which horse has the head? If yes, congratulations. If not, don’t be upset. We are giving clues. Look at the color of the mane. Ok, now try to look at the above image carefully once again. If you still find this challenging, here is the answer for you. Head Horse No. 2. To know which horse’s head belongs to, see the picture given below?


Image Source: InstagramMind Bending Horse: Which Horse Has the Head? visual illusions


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