Brain Teaser : Remove 2 Matchsticks To Leave Only 4 Equal Squares


Brain Teaser – Remove 2 matchsticks to leave only 4 equal squares, this can only be solved if you have a conscious mind to solve the puzzles. You can solve this matchstick equation with logical reasoning. Let’s find out if we can solve this brain teaser.

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remove 2 matchsticks leaving only 4 equal squares

Brain teasers are an interesting form of puzzle that requires thinking to solve. Brain teasers make you think out of the box and harness all the potential of your brain. One of the most recent brain teasers that is trending on social media and boggles the minds of many is ‘2 matchsticks to leave only 4 identical squares’.

Let’s first take a look at what this puzzle is.


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In this brain teaser you have to remove 2 matchsticks to leave only 4 equal squares.

Answer 2 To remove match sticks leaving only 4 equal squares

If you’re still trying to find the answer, we have a hint for you, there are a few different solutions and you just need to know basic math to fix the equations. Let us now see the solution and its explanation.

Move one match stick from the vertical line and one from the horizontal line to leave 4 equal squares. This will make 4 equal squares.

The picture below will help you understand this solution better.


Image Source: Youtube


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