Anupama 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Shahs And Kapadias Partake In Kinjal’s Baby Naming Ceremony

Anupama 12th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barkha tells Ankush that looking at Rakhi’s attitude, there would be some drama regarding Toshu. Anupama asks Anuj if he feels tired, they can perform naming ceremony later. Anuj asks her not to worry about him as he feels happy. Barkha taunts Anupama to fulfill daadi/grandma[‘s responsibility and let them handle Anuj. Anupama thanks him and says when she is around Anuj, there is no need for them to take care of Anuj. Anuj says Anupama is enough to care of him. Ankush says let Anupama handle other responsibilities. Anuj says its okay. Anupama notices Rakhi still upset and asks if she is fine. Rakhi says she is fine. Little Anu drops flower thali. Leela yells at her to stay away from the baby. Kavya, Vanraj, Kinjal and Toshu ask her to stop verbally abusing Little Anu, but Leela continues verbally abusing her and her parents. Meenu accepts that she dropped it by mistake while Little Anu tried to stop her.

Hasmukh tongue lashes Leela for her hypocrytic and arrogant behavior and asks her if she will scold Meenu and Dolly now. Anupama gives moral gyaan to Leela next and asks her not to scold Meenu and Dolly now. Leela apologizes Little Anu and says her grandma is not evil hearted but just mindless. Little and Meenu hug her. Barkha tries to provoke Anuj saying Leela hypocritically yelled at Little Anu and didn’t say anything to Meenu. Ankush says because Meenu is a biological relative.

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Shahs and Kapadias then sing and dance while selecting a name for the baby. Anupama ends the dance and says everyone can give their suggestion and whichever name is the best whill be selected. Each one give their suggestion. Rakhi rejects Toshu’s suggestion. Kinjal asks Grandpa and Grandma’s suggestion. Anupama and Vanraj suggest Arya at once. Everyone like it. They all perform the ritual and name baby as Aryan. They all perform garbha again around the baby. Anupama notices Toshu’s mobile on ground and picks it. She hears Toshu’s girlfriend’s message that its been only 3 day since the met her and she is really missing him and hence came to Ahmedabad from Rajkot. She recalls Rakhi’s words and behavior towards Toshu. Vanraj walks to her and asks if everything is fine. Anupama says yes.

Samar gathers everyone’s attention and says baby’s papa wants to say something. Toshu says he has a bucket list of having a luxious and rich life, but now it has changed to just spending most time with Kinjal and Arya. He says he was an idiot that he was thinking his baby as a burden and thanks everyone for taking care of Kinjal in his absence and making their lives more beautiful. Pakhi calls Adhik and tries to take a selfie with baby and her parents. Samr objects. Pakhi even papa has patched up now, so even he should accept Adhik. Dolly joins them and clicks selfie. Anupama holds Toshu’s hand and takes him away saying he should light a ghee lamp in the temple as per ritual.

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Leela asks guests to find a girl for Samar. Guests say her family is very modern, her elder grandson had a love marriage, will her younger grandson listen to her. Leela says this time she will bring a mother-in-law of her choice. She worries about Pakhi’s nature. Anupama drags Toshu to a room and locks it. Rakhi thinks if Anupama found out about Toshu’s affair, its good. Toshu thinks if mummy found out about his affair. Anupama says she does.

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